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Makeshift Aragon's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Makeshift Aragon's LiveJournal:

Sunday, November 9th, 2008
4:22 am
I ams not certain, but I am always to be recommended to this group called con_quest and it not entirely surprising that Americans are always just making shoes to throw away rather than wearing them only on coldest days in winter.  Both my left boot and my larger left boot I am wearing on right foot now are very worn and I look forward to day my many fat American childrens are buying shoes to wear just once to the best lines to be in at American grocery supermarkets and solely for this purpose.  If my tapes from obscure Robovian dialect to Russian and Russian to Polish and Polish to English from black market are to be true, then this is what we calls a puns!  You see, because the best lines are always for shoes!  That is what is making it funny!  Soon I will be a master of this language and many fat American women teeming with large hips will be thrusting themselves at me!  Just last week I sneaked past large men in front of embassys, but the first before I was beaten was Belgian and it is being very nice, but my frenches are much worst than my englishes and I was very much thrown onto my face and very much beaten for not having requisite escape euros.  I am still needing more, my friends!  Scmolz Blormis!
Sunday, October 5th, 2008
3:25 am
I am to be trying to upgrade Robovian position on Internet as being made emperor by placement on Wikipedia.  There is discussion page by many rightful scholars saying Robovia is not or will not to being a country ever but this is only to be Civil War is lasting longer than Untied Nations is existing.  Angry I am growing verily by the Interim Revolutionary Metric Hour on this topic.  I am having much more to say on this, but Internet is many hundreds of expesive Hryvnias per decadant "Universal (in all places with telephones, therebeing not universal at all!!!) Standard" Hour.   So that is why I am doing with most of my time now, also that is why I am not updating so many.  I am hoping you are understanding of this, and please to be sending as much credit as is left in your glorious nation.  Large men outside of United States embassy are being asking the bribes in Euros now and they are costing many dollars that you are previously sending. 

Thank you for yours support.
Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
6:09 am
I am feeling like I am beating dead horse with rope.
Since last I write, various prisoner sentances and corrupt Moldavan officials. Apparently man who makes Marlboros is angry with old boss because they put me in prison for him. I make here many friends, most of them don't want me sexy but some do. In America wanting a man sexy is okay fine, so I get used to it so Great President Bush writes back to me. Since raid, I get job in fine American company of McDonolds. I make suggestion of making fewer meats in burgers, but I am still of mopping floors. I am not understanding this since I was thinking that in America asking suggestions and speaking freely of the mind gets promotion. It is okay and only two hour walk from home and it will be very much above freezing by June. But, computer is very expensive. Cafe place has computers but with taking two weeks to save for quarter hour, I am not being able to update so much. So I am hoping that my friends in the internet will help me very much by asking Mr. Bush to be signing my papers soon. Tell him I have many skills with computer and generator! I will be mopping floors at White House for Great President Bush if he signs papers!
Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
7:41 pm
Greetings from Chiºnãu
Hello my friends, I am sorry for the not updating, but the tank bullet that I find earlier blew up my computer and my generator too. Now that I am in safe in Moldava, I have many adventures to tell you of. First of which, is the tank bullet which was affirmatively Russian because it blew up while I was gathering turnips in the mine field. When I came back, my generator which I wanted to dig out of the rubble was already being fought over by two militias, both claiming they were in charge. The generator was the last in the province, but it's not alive any more because it was smashed in the battle that resulted in two dead, and I wounded.

From the hospital, I write the great President Bush asking for visas to go to America, but with the war, service from the postal is no good. Nine weeks later, I get letter back and I was arrested for attempting to defect. I was put into a prison but the government controlling that prison collapsed and the prisoners form their own government and I was drafted into the army despite my gangrene. I think they were hoping support for their government from the great President Bush, so we went to march to Afghanistan but we were stopped at Romanian border (yes, we were going the wrong way, but they wouldn't listen to me. It had something to do with the Tetanus setting in, making me not able to speak). Romanian troops arrested me, but my comrades decided to start a war and did so. Three minutes later, Elite Romanian Infantry defeated mighty ex-prisoner, former-communist military complex. Romanians armies have many fine equipment like automatic rifles, enough for every man in the army! This caused my comrades to be put at a huge disadvantage. I hear once news reached home (three weeks later), the government split into nine new factions.

However, I was fortunate enough to be deported from Romania, being that my country no longer existed. I am now in Moldava, which is a great country. They have running water and the electricity stays most of the night! Back home, it came on whenever I could trade turnips for gasoline. Now that I am in Great Country of Moldava, I am hoping very much that the presidents of Greater Countries will give me many visas so that I can leave to places where the electricities stay on for many nights in a row. I write to trade college in America, but they have not answered back yet. The clerk of the post laughed when I said this letter wanted to go to America, so I may have to send it from a better place next time.

I am being of the adjusting because back home, I do two things: look for tank shells and mines to sell and grow turnips. In great country of Moldava, most tank shells have been found and the people are not liking the turnips. So I work now at this computer place, where I make cigarettes when I'm not making computers. I was always thinking that the cigarettes "Marlboros" come from America, but my boss says they come from Moldava. I am thinking that "Marlboro" is the Russian way of spelling Moldava, yes?

If I am not getting back to work now, I will be beaten. Until next time, my friends!
Tuesday, March 5th, 2002
3:48 pm
Hello my friends!

I am sorry I do not post, but my country's civil war, it gets much worse. The five governments met for a peace talk, but the ditch they were in was attacked by the other government. So now nobody is in power, and the garbage man declared martial law. It has been an exciting afternoon.

Today also I cleaned the bunker.

I am hearing of an opporitunity to go to America and learn from a trade college if I promise not to make bombs. This I think I can promise. I need to have more information, but this might be a good luck for me.

Tomorrow I must go to town for to trade the tank bullet I found for some food. If it is a Russian bullet, I will not get much food. If it is an American bullet, I may get to be President.
Wednesday, February 27th, 2002
12:04 pm
Hello from Robovia!
Hello my friends! I am Makeshift Aragon and I live in a bomb shelter!

I want very much to go from my country that I love to America. I would like to go to trade school for computers and to have credit cards.

I want to hear all about how you live in America and how wonderful it is. Maybe someday I too will live there!

Scmolz Blormis!

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